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  • 7 May 2023
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Hello All,

Having a serious conundrum with what to do with this room… I currently own a sonos arc, sub and 2 SL ones that I have been using for home theater in an apartment. Moving to a house and want to try to recreate but dimensions on the room seem awful for it. My concern is that with a sectional couch pushed up against the wall there’s no room for a right rear speaker. I could use the rear ceiling speakers that I’m likely going to switch out to sonos architectural speakers with a sonos amp but even then they’d be so high and asymmetrical to couch placement with R rear directly above and L rear off to the side. Appreciate any ideas the group has. The TV will be mounted on the exposed brick once it’s cleaned up and the large sectional will be in front of it. Some pictures before and during renovation for reference with old ceiling/wall speakers installed which will likely but upgraded but not relocated 

(not perfect pics but hopefully you can piece together the room using them): 

thanks for the help!


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1 reply

Anything will be a compromise in this situation. Would it be acceptable to wall mount some surround speakers? 
An overall concern is that this is a very “live” room. You should install carpet (with a pad) and some heavy drapes. I know that this will offend the “aesthetics police”, but you’re about to have a fight between them and the “acoustic police”. One compromise might be installing some large tapestries (with pads behind) and back off on the drapes a bit.