Feature Request: TV Set Top Box

  • 8 May 2024
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With the new App Update now released, our thoughts will be turning to the likely upcoming release of the Headphones. Another rumoured new product for Sonos is a Set Top Box. 


You might question the benefits of this device with an already busy market of Streaming boxes and Sticks eg Apple, Amazon, Roku etc.


What I'm really hoping is Sonos sees this device as the gateway to Sonos Wireless Home Cinema. 


What I really would like to see, is for the Set Top Box to allow for wireless connectivity to Speakers for TV Audio (not just Soundbar). 


I listen to more music than I do watch movies and I prefer the Stereo Seperation and wide sound stage of 2 Speakers rather than that of what a Sonos Soundbar produces. 


And I don't want multiple devices up front to accommodate different needs eg Soundbar for TV, Speakers for Music.


This technology already exists, as seen with Apple, Amazon, Samsung etc providing wireless Home Cinema. How can they do it? Because they have the hardware (TV, Stick, Box) to provide wireless connectivity to Speakers. Sonos currently doesn't have the hardware. The question is whether Sonos sees the value in losing the cables. I really hope they do. 


Sonos, please release a TV Set Top Box/Stick to bring Wireless Home Cinema connectivity to Sonos Speakers and Soundbars. 



2 replies

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Hi @CPash84 

Thank you - I've marked this thread as a feature request and it will be seen by the relevant teams for consideration. Keep the ideas coming!


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