Disabling wireless in Beam is not working, it keeps emiting strong radiation .

  • 26 February 2021
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I connected my Sonos Beam only to ethernet , and disconnected WIFI in the settings. I am sensitive to EMF radiation and bought a device to measure it. It revealed that even with WIFI disabled the Sonos Beam emits huge amount of radiation (and is not connected to any wireless, as I disconnected even mobile and router to measure). This is either a very bad bug in system or Sonos is trying to kill me.. If you dont give me a solution I will have to stop using Sonos at all. Please can you advise?

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13 replies

The speaker I have is showing 19,900 µW/m². 

At what distance? Energy flux density is meaningless without that piece of data.


The EMF readings for the Sonos speakers are extreme. Is there anyway to lower this? Could anyone tell me the reason why this happens in this level? The speaker I have is showing 19,900 µW/m². Any level above 1,000 µW/m² is of extreme concern.

By the very nature of electronics, they will all emit an amount of radiation.  But the amount is governed by the FCC, which is why the device has a sticker on it with the section of the FCC rules it is under.

I am having this issue also. Why is it that the Sonos speaker emits radiation after being unplugged and disconnected from everything even wifi? More than my microwave when it’s on!

I’d actually be curious about the comparison between a Sonos device and a computer, although I suppose a computer gives you a certain amount of control over off and on for certain radios. But in terms of general radiation, it might be interesting. 

Deleted.  Not constructive.

Just as a reminder, the ‘LE’ in ‘BLE’ stands for ‘Low Energy’…

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There’s nothing in the ionising range that could cause potential harm.  This a a community help forum so if you want help a little less aggressive attitude maybe?

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Whose job? This is a user forum. I do not work for Sonos. Just trying to help here.

I am not going to teach you how to do your job, its your responsibility. This topic needs to be closed.

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This is, of course, your choice. I'm just curious if we could figure out what you are measuring. Is it indeed bluetooth BLE?

Dear Rallye thanks for the clarifications if I cannot turn it off, I end my discussion here. I am not going to waste my precious time engaging in arguments. And no I won't post anything more. Sonos to me is over. and I will close my account soon. There is no further discussion. 

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Differences of opinion about the dangers of EMF radiation and linking this to “trying to kill me” when Sonos adheres to legal requirements aside, the only thing I can think of that would stil be emitting EMF on a Beam would be bluetooth BLE that Sonos uses on some devices (and I think this includes the Beam) to help with set up. You cannot turn this off, however since it's BLE it should not emit a “huge amount of radiation”.

Can you post a picture of what you are measuring?