Can external speakers and Arc share a single Sub?

  • 8 December 2020
  • 1 reply

I have an Arc for theater and an excellent pair of passive bookshelf speakers exclusively for music. I am considering purchasing the Sonos Amp to power and stream music to the passive speakers.


My question is whether I can use a single Sonos Sub with the Arc for theater and switch to use the same Sonos Sub paired with the passive speakers for music?  I assume something like this is possible by setting up two different rooms with the Sub in both rooms, but will doing so cause the Sub to play music out of sync with the passive speakers? Would I be better off purchasing an external subwoofer and let the Amp power the external sub and leave the Sonos Sub paired with the Arc?  

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1 reply

Switching the Sub needs some time tapping the app; that can get tiresome to do often. 

One way is to get the Sub and leave it with the unit where it adds the most audible value for money. That will allow you to also assess the need for a second sub. Which can be a more value for money external active Sub from makes like Yamaha, as just one example, if it is to be used with the Sonos Amp.