Audio dropout on Sonos ceiling speakers when playing Dolby Atmos from a Samsung TV

  • 24 January 2024
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I have a Sonos Beam Gen 2, Sonos Sub Gen 3 and 2 Sonos ceiling speakers connected to a Sonos Amp. When I play Dolby Atmos audio sourced from any app on a Samsung TV., I get constant audio dropouts on ceiling speakers. It’s so annoying that I typically end up disconnecting ceiling speakers and everything else is fine. Also whole system works perfectly when I play Atmos music directly from the Sonos app. Anyone got any thoughts on what issue might be and how to resolve. 

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2 replies

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You  could also try to reduce other sources that interfere the 5GHz connection between Beam2 and Sonos amp. As there is more wireless data transferred with Atmos in tv mode than with DD5.1 the dropouts only may occur with Atmos. 
To test this I would turn off your routers 5GHz wifi temporarily or set a different channel for it. Also things like Zigbee devices can interfere. 
If you send a diagnosis after having dropouts and call support to take a look inside, they may see such interferences. 

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Set the HDMI-eARC Mode setting on the TV to OFF. Also make sure WiFi is enabled on all speakers in the Sonos app. You might also try unplugging the Beam from power for a couple of minutes.