Arc or Beam with…….

  • 13 May 2024
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I have seen many Arc vs Beam threads but not one that answers my particular question.

i already have a pair of ones and only want to spend around the £800 mark.

So it comes down to is the arc with ones better than the beam with ones and sub mini. I can find loads on the arc v beam and sub mini but nothing that includes the surrounds.

There is also the caveat that my 65” tv has a wall at one side as I am in a back to back terrace which won’t allow the recommended distance for the arc but will for the beam.

Having never had a soundbar will this mismatch side wall distance render them both a bit useless. The arc would be 22cm one side and about 2m the other. 

Originally I wanted the amp but due to new furniture and layout the bookshelf’s no longer have a place!

It is very difficult to demo my room layout and I have only ever had ones so any advice appreciated. Music is equally as important as movies and I have listened to the soundbars and subs but in huge environments where it is impossible to pass judgement.

1 reply

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I have both the Beam and Arc and I find the wider Arc gives me a better stereo image.

Adding a Sub-Mini would be a nice improvement to the Beam and depending on your program material and room might sound better over-all than the Arc alone.

Without seeing your room I can’t really give you a great answer, both are going to sound pretty good, all depends on your priorities.