• 4 December 2022
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Google translate

Good eveningI come back here with my concern for Dolby Atmos True HD.Does anyone have the same config as me:- UHD source (UHD Bluray or PC)- TV TCL 65C831- SONOS ARC Soundbar + 2 SONOS ONEThe sound "jumps" when I have ATMOS TrueHD (Bluray TopGun for example or ATMOS demo file)I updated everyone, put quality KORDZ brand HDMI cablesConfigured the sources in Bitstream and the TV in system pass (Pass Trough)If I deactivate the passTrough, I no longer have a sound cut, but I switch to Dolby Atmos "light" = no True HD. Also in this config, the 5.1 no longer goes to DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 on SONOS but to PCM Dolby 5.1 .... ???What do you think ? pb to TCL or to SONOS?

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5 replies

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Use the HDMI cable that came with the Arc.

What model Blu-ray player are you using?

Samsung UHD M9500

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Can you explain what you mean by the sound “jumping”?

i’m sorry i”m french. I use Google translate

  • I use the orginal SONOS Hdmi Cable. I tested with a KORDZ cable certified 48kbps … same result !


the sound cuts out for a few milliseconds and comes back all the time
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Have you tried rebooting your TV by unplugging it for at least 2 minutes? I recommend it.

I hope this helps.