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Discuss Beam, Playbar, Playbase, and the entire Sonos home theater experience. How do you set up a Sonos 5.1 system? Which Sonos work with your TV? Ask your home theater questions here.

Beam - room size

Hi, I want to add a sound bar to my TV and as I have 2 Play 1s in the room already, I'm thinking of choosing the Beam. I see that the information on the Sonos site says it's suitable for small to m...

Beam audio output is Stereo only

Hi, I'm having problems getting Surround Sound working with my Sonos Beam and 2 x Play 1s. I've gone through the initial setup and all is playing fine, however, when I am playing audio through the TV,...

Audio in sorround speakers with stereo input

Hi, my current configuration is 5.0 since I have not acquired my sub yet. The question is how can I have sound on all the speakers, when the input is only stereo. with the current configuration, I onl...

New 5.1 setup

Can I use Playbar with the Amp with 2 ceiling surround speakers and 1 builtin wall sub for new TV installation?

How will Thenos Play Box In Ceiling Mount System work with Play1 as Surrounds

Does anyone think these new playboxes will impede the sounds on my play 1's that I am using as my surrounds speaker, sound quality, they look like they will make a nice clean installation

Sonos play 1 loud static

1817831652 My speaker is making really loud crackling sound. Can’t even listen to it. Help! That is my diagnostic number.

TV not outputting DD through optical out :(

Hey all, My Samsung TV (UN60J620D) is only passing 2 ch audio via optical out. I've verified that I can get DD directly from sources such as XBOX and Cable TV but I don't want to have to swap back a...

Using a Playbar and 2 Play 3s

Apologies up front...I am not tech savvy. My Playbar and two Play 3 speakers are situated in/on a built-in entertainment unit. The Playbar is attached to a large screen TV via a thin wire. I though...

Beam HDMI 2.1

Simple question which I can’t immediately see an answer to: does the Beam support HDMI 2.1? Thinking of potential advantages of eARC to rectify the temperamental nature of HDMI-ARC switching, when I u...

Problem mit Stereo/Dolby

Hi all, just bought a Beam (I also have two Play:1s in the same room to create a surround). The TV is connected to a media box (Apple TV 4K and Telekom Media Receiver). The Media Receiver and the App...

Xfinity XR11 remote keeps losing connection to Sonos Beam

Hello, I have an older Sony TV KDL-52WL135 connected to the Beam using the opt port. I have setup the Xfinity XR11 remote using both the Sonos controller app and using the Xfinity remote control set...

HDMI ARC / dolby digital question

I'm close to getting a new TV: The Sony X900F. Just wanted to make sure there were no surprises in terms of dolby pass through to the playbar. I have two older sony's, and both passed dolby thru no pr...

Placing a sound bar or beam behind the sofa - Samsung Frame dilemma

Currently have a Sonos 3 and a couple of 1s in the house. We have invested in a nice new TV (Samsung Frame) but don't want to go down the route of buying a Samsung sound bar - i'd rather keep all my m...

Dolby Digital?

Quick question regarding surround sound. I have an older Panasonic Viera, using Apple TV 4K, connected with hdmi and the through arc. I have sub, beam, two Sonos:1 for LS &RS. Sonos sounds great first...

beam set up

HI im new here and have just bought a beam to use as soundbar for my new tv.very easy to set up I think using the hdmi. What I wanted to ask is can you adjust the bass etc Was surprised it didn't have...


New Sub arrived, Discovered the only way I can connect to my already +$1000 Sonos home set up is through existing play bar or other sonos.. No solo control over the Sub to match up with the deep bass...

Play 1 used as surrounds with Beam

Hello... I am wondering if it is important to the sound image for the Play 1 surrounds that they be pointed directly at the listening position or can they be slightly of axis? I bought two wall mount...

Netflix 5.1 sound has hiccups. ‘Normal’ sound works flawless

Hey guys, I’m having issues with this for a while now and it’s bugging me. My setup is as follows: Sony Bravia smart tv Sonos Beam connected through HDMI ARC Whenever I stream a Netflix title with 5...

Confused...so does Sonos my beam support 5.1 or not?

I've tried everything trying to get 5.1 surround. I even bought a new TV, I have the beam and two play 1's (okay 5.0). Beating my head against the wall for weeks trying to figure this out, I stop feed...

Playbar through splitter

I am hoping that I can talk to any consumer out there and not a sonos employee, because they have been zero help in resolving my situation.. I bought a sonos sound system 6 speakers, playbar, subwoofe...

Query ref LG OLED55B8S TV passing 5.1

Does anyone know if the LG OLED55B8S TV passes 5.1 correctly to the PlayBar for HMDI-connected devices and from the inbuilt apps? I can see posts regarding the more expensive C series LG OLED TVs - t...

Beam Unmutes with Alexa Use

I'd like to bring this to the attention of Sonos so that it may be resolved. If I have my TV muted on the Beam and I ask Alexa a question or perform an unrelated action, the Beam unmutes itself aft...

LG OLED55C8PLA SONOS 5.1 problem

I recently bought the LG OLED55C8PLA and connected it via optical cable to my Playbar with sub and two sonos 1s. I have apple tv4k in hmdi 1, a samsung blueray dvd player in hdmi 2 and Nintendo switch...

Sonos Beam and audio control

Syncing TV remote and iPhone / iPad with Sonos Beam. I have recently set up a Sonos Beam. the initial setup was pretty straightforward and i adjusted the speaker settings on my Sony TV to external Aud...

Play Ones dropping out intermittently

I note that others have posted the exact same problem albeit with some variance in configuration etc, but despite some possible explanations as to the cause, there does not yet appear to be a solution...


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