Xbox One S connected to TV/Playbase.

  • 15 September 2020
  • 2 replies

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I just hooked up an Xbox One S to my TV that has a Playbase unit.  I am trying unsuccessfully to get a wireless headset to work with the Xbox.  Is there any chance the Playbase is preventing that from happening?

2 replies

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No. The playbase is connected via optical to your TV so cannot effect the Xbox. Instead check your Xbox audio settings, which can be tricky to get right.

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Actually on further reflection, my statement above is only true if the playbar is connected to the TV. if the playbar is for some reason connected to the Xbox directly then there might be some interaction.

So, please describe:

  • How the playbar is connected
  • How is the wireless headset connected? What model is it?
  • What are the audio settings on the Xbox?
  • Do you hear anything through the playbar and/or the headset? If so, what? Game and/or chat?