Which speaker for tv?

  • 25 November 2019
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Hello. I bought a house where one of the bathrooms has a mirror that includes a TV (it’s a Samsung TV without the outer frame glued to the dark typed mirror). This is nice when using the bathtub, but the sound from the TV is easier heard from the room next door than in the bathroom itself. So I want to find a speaker that can connect to the TV through a cable - I prefer this speaker to be a Sonos one, as we have two other Sonos speakers as well and I’d like all of them to be linkable.

When using this particular TV it’s either the built in Netflix-app or streaming to a Chromecast.

Initially I set my eyes on the Sonos One due to it’s size, price and that I could mount it on the wall next to the mirror-TV, but realised that it doesn’t have any ports to connect to a tv by cable. But the regular tv compatible Sonos speakers (Playbar and Playbase) are too big.

Can anyone suggest a solution for me?

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4 replies

The Beam is the smallest soundbar made for TV, or you could do an Amp with in wall speakers, but that would require some wiring, and you need a place to put the Amp.

I would go with the Beam.  

I think the Beam is what you’ll want to use.  It’s designed for small to medium size rooms and can mount on the wall easier than even a Sonos One.  It should great from your TVs apps, including netflix, but may have an issue with chromecast.  All Sonos products can play in stereo or dolby digital, not 100% sure what chromecast is using since I don’t use chromecast myself.


And like the Sonos One, you’ll be able to stream music directionly, has Alexa/Google Assistant, and Airplay.

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Beam and a wall mount would be my suggestion too.

Beam seems to be the only Sonos option, but it also seems overkill for this need. Both in terms of size and price. I don’t think it’s suited for the bathroom environment either. I might have to skip the idea of using Sonos for that room and find something else instead.