When is DTS (x) support coming?

  • 17 September 2020
  • 3 replies

We who like Sonos like premium products and experiences. We like buying movies for uncompressed movie quality. So why is Sonos not supporting DTS on the ARC?

If it is added. I’ll buy it. 

Is it coming? Don’t let us down Sonos. 

3 replies

It’s unlikely Sonos will ever support DTS.  They have not supported in any of their products and as people move further away from bluray discs towards streaming, the need for DTS support is only decreasing.

And as more new TVs adopt eARC, Dolby TrueHD will be a better option than DTS for BRDs.

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@melvimbe is right. Sonos built the Arc, for better or worse, for the streaming future where Dolby rules, not the physical disk past where DTS managed to gain some share for a time with Blu-ray. I’d be very, very surprised if Sonos reversed course and started to support DTS after all this time. It’s not like they haven’t heard the requests. 

If DTS is important to you, unfortunately the Arc (or any Sonos product) isn’t for you. Sorry. :-(