what the flim flam!!

  • 11 May 2020
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All was great until very recently. I had a surround sound set up using a beam and 2 x play. Tv is not a smart but is decent and sound feedback is via cable from sky tv box. Changed broadband provider in feb and no issues there ….still no issues there. I have tried all of the different suggestions and cannot get the system to stay on app when updated via Ethernet. this is all really weird and after spending a couple of few hour sessions to sort it I am no further forward. Suggestions welcome but about to head for the exit from Sonos if not resolved!

9 replies

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Have you tried using fixed IP-adresses for your Sonos devices?

Thanks. No clue about that as I am a plug and play follow the instructions guy and not a techie….. is it straight forward?

Start off by doing a simple refresh of your network, by unplugging all Sonos devices, then rebooting your router. When the router comes back up, plug the Sonos devices back in. If that fixes the issue, look into the router’s manual for how to reserve IP addresses. 

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Hello @daveyc0511 and welcome to the Sonos Community.

I would like to ask for you to send us a diagnostic and reply back with the confirmation number.


previous problem got sorted and had been fine for around 14 days ….. now it is all to pot again ….. this is not what I signed up for when buying Sonos!!!! Sent a diagnostic today but didn’t catch the number as phone slipped before I could note it.

Now can’t even detect products or stayed signed onto the app 

in despair please help!!!!


kind regards 





Hi. You will have to run another disgnostic and get the number. Sonos can do nothing without that.

To help, we need to have a better idea of your setup. Do you have any Sonos products besides the HT setup? Are any products wired to your router? 

Do you have a simple network with just a modern/router,  or are there access points,  extenders etc.?

Thanks John

in one room a ht setup connected wirelessly to WiFi 

in room two a single play same connection to same WiFi 

the problem is always in room one one

…… can’t fathom it really 

Diagnostic is 184511557

If you have an Ethernet cable, please would you connect the Playbar to your router by Ethernet if it is close enough. If not, please wire the Play:1 to your router, moving it if necessary to about three feet from the router.

Then power off your router and all Sonos.  Power on the router again and let it come fully up.  Then do the same with whichever device is wired.  Then the rest of the Sonos.  See if that helps.  It is just an experiment but it will give us useful information.