What switch for Playbase?

Hi,I am looking for a hdmi/optical switch to connect my Panasonic Tv,which doesn’t output 5.1,to my Playbase plus 2 play 1s.
I have tried searching on this forum for what to get but it has confused me even more as I am a total amateur on sound.
I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction of a solid reliable one.
I have a PS4,XBox One,NVidea Shield and a Sky box.Is it just a case of getting one with 4 HDMI ports,plugging it in via HDMI to my TV then putting an optical cable from it to my Playbase?
Sorry for my total noobness on this!

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Hi Funky1977

Unfortunately, if your TV will not send DD5.1 over optical there's no way to get around it. You might purchase a switch like the one shown wherein you could connect all devices via HDMI and HDMI out to the Panasonic (for video). Then connect each devices optical out to the corresponding optical in; then in turn connect the optical out (on the switch) to the Playbase. Your remote would have to be able to control the Playbase level via IR. If not you'd have to invest in a universal remote. You could still bond the Play 1's as surrounds but you'd need a Sonos sub to get DD5.1; otherwise without the sub it's DD5.0. Either way (long term) you might be better off investing in a set that will process DD5.1 over optical. :8 Good luck to get things sorted out. Cheers!

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