Vizio TV and Beam not connecting

I just got a Beam and i’m trying to connect it to my brand new Vizio TV. The Audio is on Dolby, the CEC is enabled. On the CEC screen on the TV it shows the Sonos Bar, however on the Sonos app (for setup) cannot “find” the TV. What am I doing wrong?  I have unplugged the TV  several times, Nothing else is plugged into the T. The only HDMI into the TV is the Beam. I have checked multiple times that the HDMI into the TV is in the ARC HDMI.

Super Frustrated that it has been so difficult to get this set up!

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If ARC isn’t working, use the optical connection from the TV to the Beam, via the adapter.

Most Vizio TVs use HDMI 1 as the ARC port, so the Beam would need to be connected to that port. All your other sources would then connect to the 2 and 3 HDMI ports on the TV.

@sspeer06 Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. Are you still having an issue with your Beam and TV setup? Are you having issues setting up the Beam, meaning registering and streaming music to it? If the Beam is setup and registered is the issue strictly with TV audio, streaming a music service(s) or both? If this is strictly with TV audio what happens if you test the Songle that came with the Beam and use the TV’s digital optical out into the Beam? We will want to also see an updated diagnostic report number with the TV audio playing during this test with the Songle.

If your issue is with the actual setup or both audio sources we will need your full network topology with the model names and numbers of the products that are wired or wirelessly connected on your network for any modem, router(s), extenders, access points or switches (managed or unmanaged). Lastly, how are you getting content to play on the TV, meaning with a cable box, streaming service or built-in TV smart apps? You can test the streaming music with Sonos Radio, TuneIn or Pandora and let us know if that is playing for you on the Beam.