Utilizing Sonos Playbar with Projector

  • 8 February 2018
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I realize there is about 1,000 different posts on this subject at this point, but I feel like I've spent weeks reading every thread and not really found a clear and precise answer.

I've had a Playbar for some time now, and recently decided I'd like to purchase an entry-level projector, I was thinking the Optoma HD142X, as it's well-reviewed and not terribly expensive. The obvious hiccups with audio emerged, so I was wondering what is the best solution to have the Playbar in the front of the room and the projector in the back of the room without running cables everywhere.


- Sonos Playbar
- Optoma HD142X
- PS4
- Chromecast

As I understand it I will likely need a wireless HDMI setup, along with an HDMI / Optical Audio converter. I'm just worried to invest a couple hundred euros to only be disappointed by either the setup not working or the audio lagging. Any advice on a specific setup, and specific equipment (available in the EU) that will help accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish is much appreciated.

*EDIT* If there's a more ideal projector to use, I'm not deadset on the Optoma model it just seemed like the best option for the price range I was thinking of.


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5 replies

Hi. You may well have seen the thread linked below, but just in case....

It doesn't name the HDMI transmitter, unfortunately, but the thread shows that someone has made this work and may give you useful hints.

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I see two other possible solutions for a wireless setup, which might work better:

1. A bit expensive, but you could get a Sonos Connect (or any other Sonos device with audio-in, e.g. a Play:5 1. or 2. gen) and connect that to the Projector or video/audio source connected to the Projector. Then you can group the Connect to the Soundbar. If you plug in a couple of inexpensive speakers to the Connect you would also get a more immersive sound (assuming you don't already have surround speakers connected to the Playbar).

2. This will only work for video, but you could get an Apple TV and connect that to the projector. When Airplay 2 support arrives for Sonos, you can actually set-up the Apple TV to send sound directly to the Playbar. Again, this requires that you have speakers in your household that will support Airplay 2. I think the only speakers confirmed are Play:5 2. gen, Playbase, the new Sonos One and the upcoming Playbeam.
Hello guys,

I have similar issue. I have an Apple TV, 2 Sonos one and I would like to purchase the Playbar. But I am afraid about the audio lag if I buy an HDMI/optical cable splitter.
Quick one based on your comment: do you know if I can send the sound from Apple TV to the Playbar via Airplay 2 (and of course the video from Apple TV HDMI to the projector)? Does the playbar support Airplay 2?

Cheers, guys
If you use an HDMI/Optical splitter, there should be no appreciable audio lag.

No, the PLAYBAR is not an AirPlay 2 receiving device.
Thank you!
Finally I bought 2xOne and the Playbase, using HDMI from AppleTV to the projector and sending sound to the Playbase via AirPlay the Ones act as surround speakers). Works perfectly, no audio lag, sync is perfect!