Using the playbar optical as a line in from tv???

  • 19 November 2016
  • 1 reply

Hopefully not a dumb question -

I have a playbar and recently upgraded to a bigger tv- the playbar is mounted behind the tv and no longer can be hot the the remotes IR-

I can change the audio on the TV BUT NOTHING happens with the Playbars audio - with the comcast remote

With the LG supplied remote the audio changes on the playbar when I use it slowly--- too fast and it gets out of sync

Any way to just tell the PLAYBAR to use the volume from the Tv/ so I can exclusively use the Comcast remote only??

They isn't really another place to but the PLAYBAR- big tv- nd not room Below it...

Thanks nic

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1 reply

So you're saying that the PLAYBAR is actually mounted behind the TV? Obviously the sound quality will be impaired and the IR signal blocked.

I doubt that the TV volume level will have any effect on its optical signal. Usually the latter is at a fixed volume and doesn't track the TV speaker volume. If there's any way to change this it would be in the TV settings.

If you can't find a way to get an IR signal to the PLAYBAR you'll need to use a Sonos controller to change its level. Alternatively you may be able to use a third party remote which has a hub to send commands via the network.