Using Playbar with Samsung TV Remote Control?

  • 14 September 2013
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How do I use my TV remote control to control to adjust Playbar and Sub volume when watching TV? My new Samsung UN55F7500 does not want to cooperate in setup procedure. TV Speakers turned off. When I go through Sonos Playbar setup and hold down TV remote volume up, TV shows message that speakers are off and remote won't work volume. Also Sonos Playbar fails to see TV remote for setup. I don't want to have to use another remote.

4 replies

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Problem is the TV doesn't have an IR remote. It came with Blaster Cable you plug into the TV and put in front of IR devices (in this case Playbar). I'm not a Samsung expert but needs to be set where volume sends via the blaster cable (such as setting to control volume of anther device).
The remote has an IR window in the front of it.
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Hi fleetman.

the Samsung UN55F7500's remote control is indeed a bluetooth remote rather than IR. 

Easiest way out would be to program a universal or third party IR remote:


Daniel H. 
Unfortunatly I have the exact same problem.

I own a new 2016 Samsung UE49KS7000 smart tv. The TV itself is awsome. But the problem is that the TV no longer has a remote that transmits IR signals.
They used to ship the smart tv's with two remotes. A minimalistic RF remote, and the classic color buttoned disaster of an IR remote that never felt one with the slick tv that comes with it.

I love the small remote. It looks nice, and does the trick. But it has one big downfall. It does not have an IR transmitter that actually transmits for most of the buttons, if not all. I believe the power on/off is stil an IR signal. But I am not sure. Using the old Samsung IR remote of my old tv does the trick. The Samsung tv recognises the signal and so does the Sonos bar after I set it up to recognise the old Samsung remote.

But of course i'd much rather be using just the one minimalistic remote.
There is a workaround. You can in some cases add a device called an IR/ER transmitter to your smart tv. Some tv's have an extra port that allows you to hook up an external IR transmitter. This could be attached to the back of the tv, since my playbar is located sitting on top of my tv furniture underneath the tv. Exposing one of the Sonos playbar IR ports topside. But unfortunatly, i believe my model tv does not come with such an IR/ER port. So this option is not available to me I believe.
( correct me if I am wrong please as it would solve my problem )

Which leaves me with the solution of using an old Samsung remote with my shiny new TV and the beautifully designed Playbar. O_o

It is not really Sonos that is at "fault" here. If you are reading this Samung.
(or make the optical out sound port scale sound in correspondance with the TV volume. I don't know if this can be done. But I feel it must also be a posibility to have this as a setting.)

The current model remote is great!! Don't change a thing. But please, add this IR signal for volume. And this problem will go away. I will gladly pay extra to get a new remote. Because as of now. I will have to buy a new remote anyways. But there just arn't many remotes out there that can match the look and feel of this new Samsung remote right now. So it will be a cheap old Samsung remote.

So, long story short. It's the IR volume signal that is missing on the new remote. 3 ways around this:
1) If you can hook up an IR/ER transmitter unit to your TV, and get it positioned so it can see the IR port on your Sonos device(playbar)... great! problem solved
2) Otherwise, you will be stuck using an old Samsung or universal remote for volume control when using the playbar.
3) Or you can use a smartphone or tablet to control the volume using the Sonos app.

That's it.

Cudos for the Playbar and Play1. Playing the music and loving it!