Using Connect:Amp speakers for home theater surrounds AND stereo music

  • 21 October 2019
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I’d like to set up a home theater system using an existing Connect:Amp to power the surround speakers. I understand I can bond the Connect:Amp to a Playbar to serve as the surround speakers. Once they are bonded, can I easily use them to play audio music when the Playbar is not in use?

Or will I need to “unbond” them from the Playbar in order to play audio music?


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4 replies

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The older Connect:Amp does have some limitations just to make sure you know.   The Connect:Amp has to be hardwired to router or the Playbar to act as surrounds (the newer Sonos Amp doesn’t have this limiations).


As far as music - you set the surrounds to FULL mode.  Then when watching TV (anything via the optical input) they act as surrounds.  But if play music to the bonded setup they will play in full stereo (along with the playbar too).  They will not act as surrounds when playing music but sound as would if not bonded (but having the playbar playing too - which actually sounds really good).


Thanks Chris. My Connect:Amp is already hardwired so we’re all set there. 

I’d like to be able to play music with the Connect:Amp without using the Playbar, but use the Connect:Amp for surround sound with the Playbar when watching home theater. Will that be possible once the Connect:Amp is bonded to the Playbar? (i.e. will I still be able to operate the Connect:Amp independently from the Playbar?)

The plan is to use the Playbar with an outdoor projector and portable screen. When not in use, I would unplug the Playbar and store it (and the projector and screen) inside. The speakers attached to the Connect:Amp are attached to the house and already flank the outdoor couches (which face away from the house), which is why it makes sense to use them for surround sound. But when not watching a movie, I’d like to use the Connect:Amp speakers for music, as I do currently.




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You would have to unbond