Using a Sonos Soundbar with Projector and Fire TV

  • 25 November 2019
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I am writing this question because I do not know how it is possible to connect any Sonos soundbar with my Projector (EPSON TW-5600) and Fire TV Stick. 

The Fire TV stick is connected to my projector using the HDMI port, the projector doesn’t have an ARC connection. 

The fire stick has bluetooth so I can send the audio to a bluetooth enabled soundbar but this doesn’t help when using a Sonos speaker. 

I think it is not possible to use a Sonos soundbar with a projector but I am hopeful there is a way! 

I have not purchased the soundbar yet, I have many Sonos speakers so it makes sense for me to buy a Sonos soundbar but it is problematic. 

Thanks in advance!!! 


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1 reply

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Hi oleam19

You could use an extractor like the one shown in the link below:

HDMI to Optical Extractor

  1. The Fire Stick would connect to the HDMI-In of the Extractor
  2. Extractor HDMI-Out to HDMI-In on Projector
  3. Extractor Optical-Out to Optical-In of Sonos Playbar  or Sonos Playbase  or 
  4. Extractor Optical-Out to HDMI-In of Sonos Beam (using it’s HDMI-Optical adaptor)

Either way you’ll have a HDMI cable running up to your projector. Some don’t mind the look :thinking: