Use last used volume setting for audio source when grouping

Hey Sonos. On grouping rooms, I always wake up my neighbors. They don’t really like that. This is caused by the fact that the Playbar always has a higher volume setting for TV mode, a lower volume for regular audio playback (e.g. Spotify). On grouping other speakers with Playbar, kaboom, stress-levels to the max, have to lower that volume before people get angry.

Suggestion is, that on grouping rooms, Sonos falls back to the last used volume setting for that type of audio source (TV / regular audio), also taking the previous setting for this specific group into account.

So when I first watch TV, then link the speaker to the one in my bedroom, auto-lower the TV volume to the last used setting for that combination of speakers, last used for this type of audio source.

You could market this as a ‘smart’ feature, that machine learning is being used to optimize volume control for a better listening experience? :)

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Hello there, robinwo. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. I am happy to forward this topic along to the team for consideration and visibility. Thanks again!
I just joined the community to post the same request. I would recommend that when you group speakers that Sonos adjusts the volume to the lowest volume for the new group. Then the user can increase accordingly and not wake the street up. Thanks Robinwo for posting.:8

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