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  • 4 January 2018
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The message below is something I tried to post in the "LG Magic Remote & SONOS Playbar" support article. After following the steps, I still could not connect my TV remote to the sound system. A popup for feedback centered on my screen, so I went to disclose my displeasure. After typing my frustrations and hitting submit, the SONOS website told me something went wrong any they could submit my feedback. A support article that did not help, and after asking for my feedback glitched to submit .. cherry on top - so alas, i'll post said feedback here.


This support article did not work. I have a brand new flagship LG TV with a magic remote.

I must say, aside from the sound quality, I am so let down by this product. After purchasing 2x SONOS Ones, 1x SONOS Sound Bar, & 1x SONOS Base speaker .. I have never been so frustrated in setting up a home theater system - nevertheless one that was supposed to be "smart." When Alexa activates, the system gets confused whether it should play the voice via the left or right rear "One" speaker, swapping between the two if not playing both at the same time yet a second apart creating an annoying lag. These should by synced, and she should speak from both One speakers, or through the whole system in a given room. Otherwise, she speaks at random from different points of the room during any given conversation which is fairly ridiculous. I don't typically teleport to different corners of a room between sentences, do you?

After $2,200 spent on speakers, I can only play music through SONOS approved apps, and the best one (Spotify) will only work if you literally buy a Spotify account which negates the majority of users. If I do find an approved app I like (I.E SoundCloud), I have to operate the app within the SONOS app - which has trouble loading pictures and is incredibly clunky. So to recap that statement, to use these speakers to play music, I have to use SONOS' limited selection of approved softwares which are then downgraded so said software can run within the SONOS software which is already buggy. So basically, I can’t use any genuine media softwares to listen to music, and if I don’t like the SONOS app I can’t just jump on bluetooth to escape it, I lie at the mercy of your clunky programming and integrations. Please, please why can't I just listen to music on SoundCloud with these expensive speakers?

When playing music from my Smart TV as a solution to avoiding the terrible SONOS app, with the remote that doesn't work let me remind you, the system has trouble deciding speaker levels and ends up playing mostly through the soundbar for most videos, removing the other speakers (a $1,000 value). This final complaint is possibly via the recording settings from the YouTube publisher - but still, my old computer creative speakers jurry rigged with AV wires and splitters from 2003 balanced better and they had no smart software. I have since gone into the software to increase the surround sound speakers in all audio so they will activate when music plays via the TV, but now doesn't that defeat the purpose of surround sound?

Oh, and if I jump on a media app within the SONOS app to play a song, TV audio shuts off and continues running with no sound. It also does not connect back to the TV once pausing the app. So swapping between any features is like trying to divide Pi in half - it can be done, but how and why couldn't it be easier?

So to recap, an investment of $2,200+ in surround sound speakers won't allow me to play music, doesn't balance right through my TV, and the only extra benefit, Alexa, is an active glitch when it comes down to something as basic as playing the sound of her voice. What are these speakers for?

Looks like i'll be opening the SONOS app to access the SoundClound app to turn down the sound, so I can call your support and waste time speaking to a company rep who is hopefully smarter than this system.

Was really looking forward to some innovation. Bummer. Real bummer.

Also, on a less important side note - naming the speaker SONOS One create confusion on internet searches, feeds, product support, etc. It's hysterically a parallel to the classic joke "who's on first."

Which one are you talking about? The one under the TV, or the One to the right of the couch? No, I meant the Soundbar under the TV, and the One behind the couch. Yes the SONOS One, the speaker one. It's literally named one.

A Salty Customer

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