Unable to setup Playbar and Connect:amp as Surround System

  • 24 June 2017
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I am having trouble setting up these components as a surround system. This is what I have done so far.
1. Setup connect:amp as Standard setup with my house speakers and it worked.
2. Setup playbar as Standard setup with my TV and it worked.
3. Connected playbar and connect:amp to router via ethernet to change to Boost setup and now both of them cannot be found.
I'm a newbie! What am I doing wrong?

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6 replies

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Hi Htownment, welcome to the community. Sorry we are a bit late replying to you; it's been very busy lately. How did you connect the devices to the router? Did you hook them up via a switch of some kind, or possibly using a powerline adapter? If so, what is the make and model of that? If you took cables directly from your router, tell us what kind of router you have and if you use any wireless extenders. It's not relevant until we can get them seen by the app, but this is how to get the CONNECT:AMP set up for surround rears.
I am having the same issue. My setup (playbar, connect:amp, and two rear speakers) wont produce surround sound. It is in boost mode and both players are hard wired to router. Connect:amp works with speakers when independent from playbar, but when i setup to use as rears in surround, they do not produce sound. Sound source is from optical cable from tv to playbar

The router they are plugged into is a wireless extender that i need to get the wifi from the main router. Would this cause the problem? All the sonos components in the system works fine when not configured for surround.
That should put you into Boost mode but doesn't seem to give you a wired connection between the PB and C:A. As an experiment are you able to run an Ethernet cable directly between the two units?

Check you are in Boost mode in About my Sonos system. Components should have WM:0 not WM:1.
actually i discovered the ethernet cord was damaged so i swapped it out...Now all is working fine!

Thanks for your help.
I am having a similar problem but different. I can not get an Ethernet cable between them. The TV is located in a bad spot. Can I use a Wifi extender at the TV, and hard wire to that?
Will a Boost do the same thing?