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  • 30 December 2016
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Connected up the sorround yesterday, and it worked perfectly. Also paired the volume control with the app. Watched film and everything was perfect.

However today. When i turned on the tv, only the playbar under the tv works. The two play:1 in the back won't play. Tried to click play on the player, but it only blinks red. Also tried to unplug the kable, still nothing.

Went on the app, but the only Sonos speaker i can add music to is the one in the kitchen (and that works), not the surround (playbar and 2 play:1). In the settings i can see the settings for both the one in the kitchen and livingroom. Only setting i get on the surround is "remove speakers".

What has happened? Is there an update on the play:1 with surround, or do i need to setup everything again?


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5 replies

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You need to ensure that your Playbar is receiving surround sound (Dolby Digital 5.1) - If it is only receiving stereo which is quite likely from a TV source then you will hear nothing/little from the surrounds. - First ly make sure that when you look at your room settings with the Playbar it has (Playbar (+LS +RS)). Then when you are watching TV go to "About my Sonos2 and scroll down to the Playbar - see what the "Input" says.
I am playing the same film we tested with surround yesterday, still nothing. On the app it says (?+VS+HS) (in norwegian), does not show the playbar.. and that is the only bar that works atm..

Where do i find this "about my sonos"? I tried to find it.
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Hi Cand M, welcome to the community.

Can you start with submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and let us know your confirmation number?

As to troubleshooting steps, it sounds like there's a problem with the PLAYBAR getting on the network, either due to wireless or network instability. The best start would be to check that the PLAYBAR is powered up and responding, pressing the Play button on it should cause it to blink (probably red). If that's all right, an easy step is a reboot on the router and then your Sonos PLAYBAR. That might do the trick.
Number is 6943241.

The playbar is working, since thats where the sound on the tv is.

How do you reboot the playbar?
It works!! I connected a internet cable into the playbar, and it works. Maybe was standing to close the wireless..