TV wont Switch on - HELP!!

  • 7 January 2020
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OK Sonos gurus -see if you can figure this one out for me!

I have a beam plus 2 x Sonos One SL’s in the living room and we are hooked up to the Sony TV through the ARC HDMI.

Music plays perfectly; Alexa works a dream and the TV blasts through the speakers no problems.

The problem I have is that when we have been using the TV, then asked Alexa to play some music in between (and we then switch off the TV) the TV does not then turn back on again using the Sony remote control. The workaround is that we have to unplug the TV, and plug it back in again – which is a real pain.

A point of note is that Alexa cannot for some reason switch on the TV either (it never has been able to), not sure if that is related.

New batteries in the remote, so that’s definitely not the issue!

Anyone know what the fix on this is??


Appreciate any advice,



2 replies

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On first read, this sounds like a CEC issue with the HDMI.

How does the remote control your TV? Do you know if your remote is IR/Bluetooth/something else? Is there a separate box that the remote sends the signals to or should it be linking right with your TV?


If you happen to have the model numbers for the TV and if the remote has one too, that would help look up what’s going on.

First start, check for updates with the TV, and check in settings that CEC is configured to allow control from other devices. They call it Bravia sync, and you can find some good steps here.

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Thanks Ryan - Ill check that out