TV Setup with no space for Arc or Beam

  • 22 December 2020
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Hi everyone, 

i just installed a wonderful setup in my livingroom with 2 Sonos Fives and 1 Sub. Now i’d like to connect my TV with the System to have at least Stereo sound from plattforms like Disney+ or Netflix. 

I do know that one would need an Arc or Beam to get Dolby digital or Atmos but i just have no possibility to fit such a soundbar to the TV as it “disappears” or rather folds down into our couchtable and there is simply no room left. We don’t want our livingspace to be focused around a TV - that’s why we will not rethink this setup. 

Our TV is a 32” Samsung QE32Q50R - so quite new and has HDMI Arc as well as analog output. But only supports Bluetooth for external speakers. My idea was to stick a Sonos port underneath the table to transmit the signal to the Fives and sub but then there is the delay between image and sound. 

So - does anyone know how to get a stereo setup for tv without having to install a soundbar?

Thank you for your help. 

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1 reply

Maybe take a look at the new Sonos Amp (if you have the space for it). It will connect to your TV’s HDMI-ARC port, but you will also need to wire it to two passive speakers (floor standing or bookshelf). It will provide upto 5.1 DD surround sound with a phantom front-center channel… and there will be no TV audio delay.

You can read more HERE.