TV not outputting DD through optical out :(

  • 19 January 2019
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Hey all,

My Samsung TV (UN60J620D) is only passing 2 ch audio via optical out.

I've verified that I can get DD directly from sources such as XBOX and Cable TV but I don't want to have to swap back and forth each time.

So now I ask the question in the hopes that the answer isn't simply "NO":
Is there any way to fix this or am I doomed to manually swap cables everyday?

Best answer by controlav 20 January 2019, 17:02

Connect this between your source device and the TV:
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3 replies

What does the manual for the TV say? Do you have a link to it online, so we can look at it as well?
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Connect this between your source device and the TV:
Thank you, Controlav.

I finally spoke with a rep at Samsung.

She had a very thick Indian accent, so it was difficult to interpret and required many repeats, but by the end, I was able to pin her to admitting that the TV does not pass Dolby Digital 5.1 via HDMI ARC or Optical out.

At first, she blamed Sonos, saying the BEAM is not HDMI ARC compatible because it doesn't specifically have "HDMI (ARC)" labeled on the port. After I proved her wrong, she blamed the Sonos audio settings, saying there's some sort of setting on the Sonos unit that needs to be changed. After I shot that down, she then stated that the only supported set up for the TV is to plug all devices into an audio receiver and run video from the receiver to the TV and audio from the receiver to Sonos. I let her know we won't be buying an audio receiver and that we're extremely disappointed with the TV's inability to do something as simple as preserve 5.1 audio out. She was "sorry to hear that."

At this point, we may pursue a 4x HDMI switch with optical extractor or just sell the TV and buy a capable one.