TV cuts in over Music on Soundbar

  • 4 December 2016
  • 2 replies

I am on my 2nd Soundbar - the first one was sold when we sold our house, but the quality was so good it was a slam dunk to buy again.

My problem is that I can be playing music from the Sonos Controller (Mac or iPad version doesn't make any difference) and randomly the music will cut out and be replaced by the TV sound. If I click play on the controller again it will play music again.

There is no easy way to reproduce as it only happens once in a while.

Anyone seen this before?



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2 replies

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Hi dwinpenn,

Welcome to the Sonos community,

If you go to settings you will see a tick box for "TV Auto Play" Under TV settings.

If you are watching TV and listening to music and the broadcast TV has a silent period the PlayBar thinks you have just turned on the TV and will switch to the TV. In my house we like this as when you want to switch back to TV sound all you do is turn the TV on and off and you are back to TV sound.

Play with it and see how you like to set it.

hope this helps
Many thanks CpanLes - will try it and see how I get on.