TV audio cuts out when transmitting to other rooms

I've got a 2.1 set up in the living room with Beam connected via HDMI-ARC to a Sony Bravia W905 TV, and two Play:1s.

Audio from this setup plays fine in the living room. However, when I extend the audio to other rooms as well, the audio continues to play perfectly in the living room, but keeps dropping out in the other rooms.

For reference, all other streaming audio sources do not cut out in the other rooms. Only audio streamed from the TV.

Can anyone point me to a solution here, please?

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Diagnostics confirmation number is 1413314675 if anyone can look into this
I’m having the same issue. Any updates or idea how we fix this?
Same issue here, two play 1s and a sub and play bar (2.1)
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Mine is the same.

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