TV and soundbar volume change independently

  • 10 August 2019
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I have a Vizio TV hooked up to a soundbar and sub. When I previously had Comcast cable service, I could control the TV volume solely with the soundbar. e.g. if I changed the volume with the buttons on the side of the soundbar, it would change the TV volume. If I used the Comcast remote, it would change the volume, and both the soundbar and TV were synchronized.

I moved and now have Spectrum. I assume it has nothing to do with the remote controls, but I set up the Spectrum remote to control the soundbar and sub volume. And I set the TV audio output to fixed with external audio control. The soundbar is connected via the fiber output, as it was before. But now the soundbar and TV volume levels are not synchronized. For instance, I can turn the volume all the way down with the remote control, which goes to 0 on the onscreen level indicator, and then walk up to the soundbar and use the buttons on the side to increase the volume, even though the TV still says its at zero volume.

I obviously have something setup incorrectly, but I cannot figure out what setting I need to change. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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