Turntable to Beam, Sub, and Amp with Wired Surround Speakers

  • 3 December 2019
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Hi There!

I recently bought a beam, subwoofer, and an amp which I connected to two surround sound speakers via wire.  I tried to set up the turntable with the amp, using a bluetooth receiver and plugging that into the linein of the amp--connecting the turntable via bluetooth to that receiver...but I am not seeing anything on the browse tab of the app for linein play options.  Am I doing something wrong?  If I'm not able to set up a turntable via the amp, what setup is recommended to use the existing speaker setup?  If I can't use the existing speaker setup, what is recommended?  Thanks!

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1 reply

There are a lot of things here…

First, I’d check to be sure your Bluetooth receiver is connected to the analog in, and not the analog in. It’s an easy mistake to make. The line in options won’t show up until there’s something plugged in to the line in, so not seeing anything suggests some sort of problem ther.

Second, remove the variable of Bluetooth for testing purposes. If you can, plug in the turntable in to the line in with physical cables. In fact, if you have an old tape deck, connect that to your analog in instead, so you VP can confirm the Sonos side is working.

Also, a turntable usually puts out a low level signal called phono level, and the Sonos is looking for a line level input. If your turntable has a pre-amp built in, make sure it is turned on. If it doesn’t, purchase a pre-amp and connect it between the turntable and the Bluetooth transmitter.

You've got a lot of variables in your chain. Remove as many as possible, and test each segment individually.