Turn Sonos Beam/System Off

  • 5 November 2019
  • 1 reply

Is there a way to turn off the Sonos system without unplugging it?  I don’t always want to listen to the surround sound.  Sometimes I just want to use my TV speakers.  On my real home theater system, I turn the stereo on and just turn the volume to 0 on the TV speakers.  My stereo is receives sound via the satellite receiver, not the TV.  When done, I turn the stereo off and the TV speaker volume back up.  Simple!

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1 reply

If you have it connected via HDMI-ARC, no. There’s no provision for that kind of thing in the specs. However, if you’re using the optical connection, the TV has no real knowledge about what is on the other end, so you should be able to turn on the TVs speakers.

You would, however, want to use separate remote controls, so that the Sonos wouldn’t be reacting to the same IR signals as the TV set is. But universal remotes are fairly cheap, and you’d just need to reprogram the Sonos to recognize a different set of IR codes. But then you’ll have two remotes to deal with.