Trouble Grouping Ones to Playbar for Surround

I have tried pairing my two One's to my Playbar several times to achieve surround sound but everytime I do so it states there was a setup problem and tells me to "recalibrate audio at a later time". After this it shows (Playbar: +?+?) for the room on the dashboard of the app. If I unpair the surrounds they completely vanish from my dashboard and I have to reset them in order to use them. 

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Hi johnsonshane075

Just to be clear you are following the directions in the link below :thinking:

I also suggest setting the Ones’ as separate rooms then Bonding them to the Playbar via the Add Surrounds steps in the Sonos App for the room named for the Playbar.

Let us know how things sort out.  Cheers!

Yes, I have followed those directions to a T. I also have tried to add them to the Playbar as an entirely new setup, and tried when they were already setup as different rooms, none of which was a success. 

Userlevel 7 more question…

Have you made any changes to your network such as a password change, new router or added a range extender or Access Point. Well.,..may be that’s 3 or 4 questions. LOL

No I have not. The network has remained the 100% the same as I have built my system. 

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Is the Playbar wireless or wired? Do the Ones work as standalone speakers? 

Everything is run wirelessly, and yes the Ones work as standalone speakers.

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Hi johnsonshane075

Sounds like you have an IP Address conflict. Try this to see if it helps. If successful you may want to switch over to Boost Mode to isolate Sonos and establish the SonosNet or assign static IP Addresses to your Sonos components. *

  1. Set the One’s as separate rooms temporally 
  2. Unplug your All Sonos (including the One’s)
  3. Unplug other wired/wireless clients
  4. Check your routers admin page for updates and install if available
  5. Reboot your rourter
  6. Make sure your iOS or Android device are up-to-date
  7. Power cycle your iOS or Android device
  8. Delete and re-install the Sonos app.
  9. Plug-in your Sonos 1x1 and let each come back B4 moving to the next
  10. Follow the setup instructions to add the One’s as surrounds to the Playbar
  11. Test your Sonos
  12. If all good...plug-in your other wired/wireless clients

Let us know how things sort out. Cheers!

*Boost mode can be accomplished by wiring a speaker to your router.

I am officially frustrated! I performed all tasks you outlined, in the order that you have them listed and still I get the same results. 

I decided to go with Sonos because of the ease of setup, but I guess the joke is on me...

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OK...sorry I wasn’t able to help. My final suggestion is that you submit a diagnostic by following the directions in this link

After doing so you might call Sonos Tech Support or contact them via Twitter or Facebook for a faster response. I truly hope you get things sorted out as I believe once you do you’ll be quite pleased with Sonos.


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Temporarily wire one of the units to your router and see what happens. If that lets you bind them I think you might need a Sonos Boost.

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Temporarily wire one of the units to your router and see what happens. If that lets you bind them I think you might need a Sonos Boost.

@D33p5t3r...Good call

However @johnsonshane075 indicated that they had done so; as I suggested it in my post. Then again maybe not. :thinking:

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I’m fairly certain if he can get it the system onto SonosNET by having something wired to the router it will sort this problem. Someone else had this exact same problem a while back. It’s almost certainly some sort of weird IP conflict as you originally mentioned.