Total wireless 5.1 set up

  • 13 October 2019
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I want to setup a complete wireless 5.1 surround, I am not able to use any of the sound bars, all the AV equipment is at the rear of the room, and the only thing at the front of the room is a projector screen, so no HDMI, speaker wires etc etc. all front speakers must be wireless.
I have look at the sonos amp, but don't need the amp side of it, so seems a waist, also looked at the connect, but thats being discontinued, so that leaves the Port, but because it's so new, can't find any real info on it.
So my question, is: if I buy a Sonos Port, and say 5 play5's or One's and a sub, whichever, can I sent them up as a 5.1 in the app, using just the input on the back of the port from say a cable box etc.
The other thing I have seen is people using the Connect with a Onkoky amp with works with Sonos, I don't understand how that work as the only use the output of the connect to the amp, so I get how you can then stream to the amp, but then, how do you play anything that is connected to the amp to other Sonos speakers, and if this is the case, aftermarket amp, with works with Sonos, would you need the connect, could the amp not just find any other Sonos speakers on the network and set them up from the amp and Sonos app.
Thank you all in advance for any help.

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1 reply

Hi. The only way to do surround sound with Sonos fully wirelessly is with a Playbar/base or Beam.

The Connect and Port (effectively a Connect with Airplay added) are designed for stereo music applications only, not AV.