To Sub or not to Sub?

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While I have been putting off growing my 3.0 HT system to 5.1 due to the complexity of not having a TV that allows DD 5.1 pass through, I have almost convinced myself to grow it to a 3.1 system.
My question is this, how effective is a sub in a Sonos 3.1 setup when the input stream is stereo/PCM and not DD 5.1 ?


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As effective as a SUB would be in a conventional bonding to 1 or 2 PLAY units or a CONNECT:AMP. The crossover simply sends low frequency information to the SUB, relieving the main speakers. There'd obviously be no discrete LFE channel.

Since PLAYBAR doesn't contain a woofer as such, the addition of a SUB is significant.
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Buy the Sub you will be happy. If not return it.


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