Three years of interference

  • 24 September 2019
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For three years I have had problems with Sonos. When it works, it is a top notch system. When it does not I wouldn’t recommend the product to my worst enemy.

i have had a weird rattle noise come from my playbar, through my tv apps, through my Xbox, Apple TV it does not matter the source. I have removed everything from my wireless network I have done every suggested thing I have ever been told, but yet I end up with the rattle noise every few minutes.

at my old address I was told it was because I live in an apartment and got wireless interference from my neighbors. I now live in a home with the closest neighbor being 60 feet away.. I am near done with this product. All I want is a fix. I know I am not the only one experiencing this problem.

i have dozens of instances but I will post the numbers to the two most recent.

please, don’t just tell me “wireless interference” or change sonos net or hardwire the product because those steps have all been completed 3 dozen times.


are my reference numbers.

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2 replies


It sounds like it IS wireless/network interference, if your system sometimes isn’t working well, but you say you don’t want to hear about that, but returning back to basics...

You could perhaps start things off by describing your setup and network hardware and what WiFi and/or SonosNet channels are in use with your Sonos setup and if the Sonos hardware is running in wired, wireless, or perhaps 'mixed' mode?

Also if you use WiFi Hubs/Access Points/Power-line adapters, what WiFi channels maybe in use on those devices and (where applicable) if they are all using the same SSID as your main router?

It’s helpful to mention, if you have previously configured any 'managed' switches across your local network and what settings were put in place to work with Sonos? ...or if you have already looked at other known issues, such as router 'Airtime Fairness', just as a single example?

The more information you can provide, the more likely your 'long term' matter can perhaps be resolved.

Three years of issues, what have you been doing to not have got this sorted within that length of time?
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@therightboat, troubleshooting this isn't really best for the community, though they'll have some suggestions that help sometimes.

Audio cutting out is very often caused by wireless interference. That's why you see it mentioned so much, it's the most likely cause.

However, if you're having audio cutting out the optical connection on the Playbar and music playback doesn't have issues, I'd be more focused on the optical connections and quality of the optical cable.

I see that you also sent in an email to the team already, that's a great start. I'm going to see about getting it into some experienced hands for you.