Thinking og buying a Playbar and need advice re surround sound

  • 6 November 2016
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I am considering buying a Sonos Playbar, Subwoofer and 2 ceiling speakers for my living room. The room is shortly to be redeocrated so I have the
option for re-wireing etc.

I've read through the forums and have an idea of how it all works and what I need to buy but have some quesies as follows:

1. The ceiling speakers will be connected to the Connect Amp that will then be connected to the Playbar via an Ethernet cable. I've read that either the Playbar or Connect Amp
need to be hard wired to my BT Hub. This is quite tricky for me as the hub is upstairs. Would it work if I connected one of them to my TP Link plugs?

2. I also want to connect my separates music system to the Playbar/Speakers. Would this require me to buy another Connect Amp and I'm a little lost here as to how I wire it
or does it not need separate wiring to the Playbar/ first Connect Amp. So in essence i'm unsure how to play the music system through the Sonos set up and also enable it to be played in another room if required.


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1 reply

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Hi JoJoH, welcome to the community. To use a CONNECT:AMP as surrounds for a PLAYBAR, both the CONNECT:AMP and PLAYBAR need to be wired together with ethernet cable or to the same switch/router. If both of the products are wired together then you will need one Sonos product hard wired to the router to create the SonosNet network. You can accomplish this with a Sonos BOOST or BRIDGE. I would not recommend wiring any Sonos products to wireless extenders. Do you want Sonos audio to come out of your separate music system? If so, you need a Sonos CONNECT because it has line outputs that will push audio into your existing system. If you're separate music system is a turntable, cd player, etc. you will need to wire it into a Sonos product with line-in capabilities. The Sonos CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP and PLAY:5 all have line inputs to accomplish this. However, the CONNECT:AMP you're using for surrounds will not work as the line input is disabled when working as surrounds.