Thinking about getting a Beam for my TCL Roku TV

  • 6 September 2020
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I have a TCL Roku TV, and was thinking about adding a Beam to improve the sound.  I already have a few Sonos speakers in the house, and love them, so the Beam seems like a logical choice.  I’ve read that some people are having audio latency issue with the beam (meaning a noticeable delay in the audio as compared to the video).  Does anyone here have any experience with that?  I know that in the Sonos app one can delay the audio coming out of the Beam…. But this is an issue that would require the opposite - delaying the video so that it will sync up with the audio.  Anyone been through this, or have some insight here?

1 reply

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Various users have reported audio issues with TCL TVs that have not been fixable. Good luck.