The Playbar 'DTS Decision'

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Resurrecting an old thread here. Already bought into the Sonos ecosystem and was about to buy the playbar when I read a review that the unit cannot handle DTS?!

Assumed it was a mistake but no, the Sonos forums are riddled with requests for HDMI and DTS support. What solutions have people found? Don't really want a chunky amp in the bedroom just to decode DTS from Raspberry Pi (Pi does not have enough grunt for DTS decoding).
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No this isn't a mistake and you are lucky I found out the hard way and thought that I had some kind of an issue with my set up. Anyway if I am playing Blu-Ray movies my Blu-Ray Player with transcode the audio for me down to 5.1 which works well.

A lot of people have their movies on their network so you either need to rip them properly or you have to find some other way to transocde it which as you mentioned might be some kind of a receiver.

Good Luck
I am happy with my Playbar and surround sound Play 1s. Even with this configuration the base is pretty impressive and more than enough in a semi detached house to appease the neighbors.

I have not used a DVD in months tending to watch SKY or stream stuff from my Mac Mini so Dolby Digital is fine. There are solutions for plugging multiple devices into the Playbars single optical input.

As per this thread if you want convenience and a simple surround sound experience integrated for music listening the Sonos solution is fine. If you want proper home threatre and hifi experecience gor for wired solutions.

I am about to ditch my aging wired 5:1 AV. Sonos has transformed my music listening experience being able to have all round house sound or separate listening experiences in each room, all at the touch of my phone/tablet.