The New Amp and Surround Speakers.

  • 25 December 2018
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Got The Amp for tv and music. Hoked a pair of Rega’s RS1 to the Amp (great bookshelf speakers), had to increase bass in the app equalizer to get the speakers to my taste. Loved the results but decide to add the Sonos Sub which made the sound even better. Got carried away with holidays and bought a pair of Sonos One speakers to use for surround. Now the “problems” started.
First and main issue: Sonos speakers will most likely never match the tuning and properties of “legacy” speakers therefore they need to be equalized independently in a surround set up. Right now Sonos app does not allow for that. When grouped, the Regas’s(bookshelf’s) require more bass but Sonos One is more neutral. So if I increase bass in the room for the old speakers the One sound muffled , or if I keep the equalizer neutral for the One speakers the old speakers sound off. The solution I found for now is to set the surrounds as independent rooms speakers, witch works great for music, bringing the sound in my living room to a whole new level but defeat the purpose of using them in a surround setting for watching movies because the surround effect will be gone.
Second issue: It will be great if we could easily remove a Sonos speakers from the surround set up to be used independently around the house when needed. Not every user will have a Sonos speaker for every single room plus the outdoors, and unfortunately they don’t make a portable speaker yet. Therefore Sonos should make it so we could snatch one or two of the speakers from the surround set up and with one click play somewhere, right now u have to completely re-set that surround speaker so you can play and control volume in another room.
Maybe there is a easier way to fix those “problems” that I don’t know. I would really like to keep my old speaker thought, that was the reason to buy the new Amp.
Thanks, Santo.

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1 reply

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Agree that we need better sound control of each speaker in a pairing.

I love the new Amp.

Sonoseqencr provides methods to quickly pair different speakers.