Terrible Connection

  • 24 September 2019
  • 2 replies

Im so freaking mad..... all I want is to come home and seamlessly watch a movie or show without this connectivity vs. But noooooooo I come home and there's no sound, ok, ill go into the app and switch it to my tv, o wait, it doesn't work. It worked a month ago, a year ago, a week ago, but for some stupid reason, NOW it doesn't want to connect. The app keeps glitching. I paid so much money for 2 speakers, a bar and sub and sonos boost and out of nowhere out doesn't wanna connect. So mad, I can't watch anything, I can't listen to anything. This is stupid

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2 replies

To me, this seems like a networking issue. Your best bet is to work with SONOS support. If BOOST is the only unit wired to your network, make sure that it has power and that its network connection is OK.
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You don't actually need the app to listen to the TV: just set the Playbar to "TV Autoplay". As buzz says, sounds like you have network issues but no need for those to interfere with TV playback.