Switching between laptop and TV

  • 16 September 2017
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I have two Sonos 1 controlled by my laptop for playing music. I am considering purchasing a Sonos soundbar for my television. I assume it's relatively easy to setup so I turn on my TV and have the sound playing through my soundbar and using my two Sonos 1 as rears speakers. When I'm not using my TV will I be able to just turn on my laptop and play music through the Sonos 1 as before?

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5 replies

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You can play music through the Soundbar and play 1's in full music mode when they are bonded as surround speakers..
Thanks Keith, so I'd just just have all the speakers bound together and either the TV would play them when it was turned on or the laptop if I was using it? And it wouldn't make sense to NOT use the soundbar when playing music, I'm assuming.
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Once the play ones are bonded to the bar as rears you cant turn off the bar as they all exist and play as a single unit.
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So once you bond all the speakers you can do what ever you like. Watch tv and listen to music (I do this with football) You can turn on Auto switching so when the TV is turned on and off it will go back to TV. This make is easier for the wife to switch back.
Thank you Contemplative and CapnLes!
That makes sense and sounds just fine.
Now... any suggestions on how to convince the wife a soundbar is just what I need for christmas?