Surround with 1 x play 3

  • 22 August 2019
  • 2 replies

Hi all,

I'm currently running a traditional 5.1 set up in my living room (playbar, 2 x ones, sub). I run a few other singles in other rooms and some outsides via the connect.

I'm currently renovating and looking to upgrade my bedroom to a more surround type setup. I'm adding a blaybase to my TV, I currently have a play 3 in that room, is there anyway I can place that centrally behind my bed and get it to work as a surround on its own. Everything will be central to the TV and play base. Also would anyone suggest swapping the playbar and play base, so the play base has the sub to help it out in the living room.


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2 replies

Hi Chris

No you can't have a single 'surround' speaker it's almost a contradiction in terms, although I understand where you are coming from. You could group the speaker with the Playbase, but it would not sync for TV sound so not a good idea.

I imagine Play 3s would be available at decent prices on eBay.

On your second point, your own ears in your own rooms' acoustics will tell you infinitely more than any of us could from a theoretical view, IMO. Experiment to find what works best for you.
Thanks John, I though that to be honest just double checking before spending.