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Hi there, can anyone help with the following please?....

I will be setting up a multi zone house with Sonos for both music and in some zones music+TV surround. Most of the house will be using Connect amps with 3rd party ceiling speakers for music but in the 2 TV rooms I will be using a Play bar with Sub.

1) In the play bar/sub rooms can I use an Connect amp with speakers as the rear surround L+R? The bar and connect amps will be ethernet wired to switch.
2) If yes, when switching to music, which speakers/players in the room will be used for music?

3) There are a total of 8 Connect amps (all ethernet wired), is there a limit on the number of Connect amps?
4) Is it possible to feed the TV audio (via optical) back to the Connect amp (located in attick AV rack) so TV audio can be fed to the connect amp speakers, if so how will the volume be controlled (this is a non Play bar/sub room with TV only)?
6) If the answer to above is yes, how does the Connect amp know to switch to that optical input and switch back?
5) Will the new Sky Q remotes control the Sonos play bar/surround audio as they did with the old sky systems (both IR and BT remotes)?

I hope that all makes sense, sorry about all the questions. Thanks

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Ill try to reply:
1) yes - this is possible. However, you cannot use the line-in nor the sub output of the connect:amp when used in this configuration.
2) all of them - the playbar, sub and rears. you can configure the rear to 'ambient' (low level output) or 'full' (high level output) compared to the playbar
3) you can have up to 32 sonos devices in any combination
4) no but you could 'group' the playbar with the other rooms so the TV output is coming out in the other rooms as well as the PB and then put the PB volume to zero. The TV input of the Playbar does not act like the other 'line-ins' where it shows as a source on other devices. Alternatively you could run a long analog cable (via headphone jack?) from the TV back to one of the amps line-ins.
6) the answer to 4) is no ;-)
5) no idea but if it has IR then it should work
Thanks Nicka99, I will be using a Ubiquity network switch, mainly for all the wifi AP's in the house. Will there be any issues connecting the Sonos devices to this type of switch? Thanks

The UBIQUITI switches work fine. You'll need to make sure that STP is enabled. Usually this is all you need in addition to any PoE elections. If you are going deeply into switch configuration, here are some tips.


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