Surround speakers

  • 26 May 2019
  • 4 replies

Why is on of my play 1 speakers pairing up as a beam?Is there a why to reset a play 1

4 replies

Before you do a factory reset of your PLAY:1, try a reboot of your router, and a power cycle of the speakers, as well.
I can do the reboot on my router but what is a power cycle?
Sorry new to the Sonos world.
Heh, no worries. A power cycle just means unplugging the device from the wall for a minute, then plugging it back in.

The problem is that frequently people thing that turning off the TV and turning it back on is the same thing as a power cycle, but it isn't. Same thing with Sonos. You can't really turn them off, they're designed to be listening for a wake up signal all the time from the internet. When you do a power cycle, it forces the device to reload the programming on the computer in each speaker.