Surround sound setup

  • 26 June 2017
  • 1 reply

I've recently added some SONOS to my lounge room and I'm wondering if this particular setup will work ok?
I have a play base, two play ones at the rear and was thinking of using my two play fives at the front either side of the play base.

I'm wondering if this is an ideal setup or should I get rid of the two play fives at the front?

I guess I would like to know will it add anything? I've heard play 5's weren't designed to be added to a surround sound system?

If someone could clarify these questions that would be awesome.

Cheers, Anthony

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1 reply

Not sure what purpose the Play:5s will serve. Sonos' Playbar/Playbase system includes the right, center and left speakers in the Playbase/Playbar, and there's no way to separate them out to have other speakers operate as right and left.

Now, that being said, I could potentially make a case for the pair of Play:5s set up as a stereo pair for critical music listening, but they won't be of any use while using the TV. Or perhaps in another room, too!

Play:5s (gen 2) could be used as surround speakers, but the consensus of most on these boards is that they're overkill for that function, and your money is better spent on Play:1s for surrounds.

So, if you haven't spent the money on the Play:5s, I'd probably wait and see how you feel in a month. Or get them, see how you feel, and return them (doubtful) if you find you don't need/like them.