Surround sound for TV

  • 26 June 2017
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I am planing a surround sound system for our TV room at the moment.

I'm thinking of buying a playbar for under the TV and a sub plus 2 smaller speakers for the back. I then also want to be able to use this setup for music (without the TV being on) - will this be possible? How would I connect them all?

I am thinking playbar into TV via optical cable, sub connected wirelessly to the bridge which I've already got?

For the two speakers in the back I would either choose 2x Play 1, or alternatively a connect:amp plus standard speakers? The latter would make the cabling easier.
What sort of passive speakers should I be looking for? They should be rather small and have a white body.

Or would ceiling speakers be suitable for this? The main sitting area is right at the back wall opposite the TV (approx 6m distance) The ceiling speakers would be in the back corners of the room, above the couch.

Many thanks in advance, Christian

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2 replies

Christian, Sounds like a duplicate of the setup that I have for two different tv viewing rooms. Yes you will be able to play
your favorite Spotify/Pandora or whatever from your PlayBar + speakers and or get the sound from you tv via your optical cable. It works great. Mike
I would get into the effort and some clutter of adding surround speakers only after assessing how much they add to the experience for TV and music by putting them there temporarily; something that can be done with 1 units bought on a returnable basis. Six metres is a distance that will need a fairly large screen to provide the immersive movie experience so the surrounds may also make sense depending on how good that experience is in the first place.