surround sound

  • 29 April 2020
  • 4 replies

Would it be better if you could add two sonos1s to the front of the current surround sound system so it's more like a conventional  system ? Surely this would give a better sense of theatre ?



4 replies

This isn’t an option with Sonos home theatre.  The playbar/playbase/beam//amp connected to the TV will play the front 3 channels (left, right, center), and the Sonos 1s (or other speaker) you add can only be used for rear channels.

Hi Danny I know this is not an option at the moment with the Sonos system ,but shouldn't it be something that they should be looking into ? Just an opinion !

I don’t know.  I don’t know the sales figures on soundbars vs  conventional systems and whether there’s a good market for it.  I also don’t know what sort of development and possible technical hurdles (additional wireless devices), plus support costs it would take to make this available.  I also think many people would like the idea in theory, but not so much in reality.  I like the idea, but I don’t know that it wold work well in my room logistically, as I don’t have the space for the additional speakers.  And how much better would it sound to make it worth it?



I think your right ,people would like the idea in theory ,but it would be an expensive system and it would have to sound a lot better than other systems for  buyers to part with their money ,unless you've already bought into Sonos where as it could be an upgrade when funds allow!