Surround Setup Error

I have a Playbar and 2 Play:3 devices. I have the playbar connected to my TV (Vizio e601i-a3), which can provide 5.1 Dolby out from the SPDIF connection. If I am just using the Playbar all is good and I can hear sound. When I try to pair the Play:3s as surround speakers, I go through the process and when press the button on the first Play:3 to connect, the controller shows 'Surround Setup Error' and asks me to try again. I have reset the Play:3, connected it with a cable, and still get this problem. How can I pair the Play:3s to get surround soud?

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Hello Sonos Customer, Sorry to hear the issue you are experiencing with the Sonos system. To have a better understanding on the health of your Sonos system, may I ask you to submit a diagnostic, and reply to this thread with the confirmation number. Here is a FAQ showing you how to Submit system diagnostic Keep me posted on your progress. Thank you Max


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