Surround Play:1 pair not working anymore with Playbase

  • 18 April 2020
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For some time now, my surround Play:1 pair attached to my Playbase doesn’t output any sound.

The “About my System” information shows the three devices and the input source as 5.1. Playbase is shown as WM:0 while the Play:1 (wirelessly connected) are shown as WM:1 (I understood they should be 2 when attached to the Playbase)

I removed the Play:1 as surround and create a simple stereo pair in a dummy room. I can send music to them and they work correctly.

However, I’m then not able to attach them back to the Playbase as a surround pair. There is an error in the iOS app saying “Setup Problem. There was a problem preparing your speakers.”

If I hit try again, it “works” in a second and the app validates the setup, but the speakers are not working again, only the Playbase having a sound output.

Any help would be appreciated.


Detailed info:

Play:1s - v11.0 (b 55174250) / HW v1.20.1.6-2

Playbase - v11.0 (b 55174250) / HW v1.14.1.11-2

Diagnostics #312078393


Thanks in advance!

2 replies

For information, if someone is having a similar problem, after contact with the Technical Support on Twitter (extremely nice and reactive), the issue is a faulty Playbase that needs to be replaced.

@LudoMC Thank for bringing your concerns to us here and Welcome to the Sonos Community. I can see that your issue has been moved offline with our agents and that your issue(s) is being addressed. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us here in the Community with future questions or troubleshooting needs.