Subwoofer or Play 5

  • 12 November 2019
  • 3 replies

Cant decide between the sub and the Play 5… Already have the beam and 2 x Sonos 1 SL’s. 

Which is worth spending the money on? On one hand, I need a speaker in the kitchen (part of living room) but the sub would add some bass. Any advice? 

3 replies

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Bought a sub to pair with my two play 1s. It was expensive and I did think I would return it. However less than 2 minutes into AC DCs back in black and I was hooked. 

i later upgraded the play 1s to Play 5s which made a difference but nothing like the difference the sun made. 

It does go sale black Friday for &560

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Try the sub. You can always return it within 100 days. Though I very much doubt you will🤣